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Mucin-microbiome signatures in gastric cancer
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This resource is a video abstract of a research paper created by Research Square on behalf of its authors. It provides a synopsis that's easy to understand, and can be used to introduce the topics it covers to students, researchers, and the general public. The video's transcript is also provided in full, with a portion provided below for preview:

"Gastric cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer-related death worldwide. One factor linked to the disease is an aberrant mucin profile in the gastric mucosa. Mucin proteins are the major building blocks of mucus and normally support the barrier function of the gut lining. But abnormal shifts in mucin makeup are believed to disrupt the gut microbiome in ways that facilitate tumor progression. To explore how, researchers examined tumor tissues from 108 patients with gastric cancer. Tumors associated with poor survival were found to overexpress the mucin gene MUC13. Overexpression of MUC13 was, in turn, linked to increased abundance of certain oral bacteria, namely, Neisseria, Prevotella, and Veillonella, which are known to promote inflammation. Deciphering these mucin-microbiome signatures in gastric cancer could make a big impact in prevention and treatment, as they could signal disease before symptoms of gastric cancer set in..."

The rest of the transcript, along with a link to the research itself, is available on the resource itself.

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