Creating an Exercise Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial Creation for App Project

Another one of the requirements for your project that we have talked about is the video tutorial of an exercise or a skill that you can put into your App for athletes to use to help train a particular body system.  Again we have looked at examples in apps such as SworkIt and Nike Training.  Here are a couple more examples for you to look at.  A reminder that your example can be something specifically for the sport you chose to focus on such as shooting a basketball, or it could apply to overall health with something like a push up.


I have also included a series of video tutorials on WeVideo to help you in your task.  You may want to shoot your video and do a voiceover to describe exactly what is taking place in your demonstration.

Task:  You are to create a demonstration video of an exercise or movement for the sport you have chosen for your Body Systems Sports App.  The video needs to be 45 - 75 seconds in length.  It is an example video that would be similar to other videos that you would have in a library for your App.  You can use your own device to record the video, or you can use our School iPads to record the video.  You may also use our school WeVideo account in order to edit the video, add text titles and voiceovers to make the video as professional as possible.