Other Spanish Verbs that Conjugate Like Gustar

Verbs that conjugate like "gustar"

You have already learned the verb "gustar" - how it conjugates and how you use it with object pronouns to discuss someone's likes and dislikes.  Now, we have added four other verbs to the mix which also conjugate like gustar - encantar, interesar, importar and quedar.

So what do you think about gustar and our new verbs?  We are going to use the thinking prompt, "Connect, Extend & Challenge" to help you process your thinking.  Using the discussion thread on our LMS (PowerSchool), I want you to think about the following questions and post your responses (in a 4-6 sentence paragraph).  Answer the questions truthfully but be able to give examples to support your responses.

  • Connect - How do the conjugations of these verbs connect to what you already know about the verb gustar?
  • Extend - How has your learning about these new verbs been extended or deepened?
  • Challenge - What challenges or problems have come up since learning these new verbs and conjugations?

Once you have posted your answers to the questions, please look at your classmates responses to the same questions and pick two students to comment on.  What caught your attention about their responses?  What questions do you still have?  Explain your comments (in a 3-4 sentence response) and submit them on the LMS as well.