Create a Website


Learn about HTML tags

Remix the Google search page using Mozilla X-Ray Goggles

  • Drag icon up to your bookmark bar and select while on any webpage to remix
  • What can you update? Can you guess what the tags do?
  • Update the image by searching for an image through Creative Commons Search. Why not use any image from a google search?
  • Publish your remixed page (create an account using your student e-mail).
  • Be sure to make a copy of the URL (web address) so you can share it with others.

Experiment with HTML tags

Remix My Favorite Animal

  • Replace all the content (image, text & links) with your own favorite animal.
  • Try adding more content using appropriate tags.
  • Search for an image with pubic use license via Creative Commons Search.
  • Can you figure out how to add a YouTube video? Hint: look for the Embed code.
  • When you are done, select Publish. Congratulations - you have just created a web page!
  • Be sure to make a copy of the URL (web address) as you will be sharing it on your blog.

Learn more by trying out a couple of online tutorials