Exploration Station Rotation

Exploration Station Rotation

There are many important topics within Exploration that all go together and help to build the whole "European exploration" picture.  However, you have had prior exposure to some of these topics in previous classes.  Becuase of the different levels of content knowledge, we are doing something today called "station rotation."  You will have the period to work on either gathering information or refreshing your understanding of the following topics:

  • Atlantic Slave Trade
  • Columbian Exchange
  • Mercantilism

You are expected to take whatever notes you need in order to fully demonstrate your understanding of the above topics.  I will let you know when we will rotate to the next topic; if you don't need as much time as I'm giving you to work, please feel free to move to the next topic.  If you need more time, please feel free to keep working.

There is one rotation period that you will spend with me, so that we can clarify your understanding of mercantilism (its an economic theory, which is sometimes confusing), and look at how it fits into the broader concept of triangular trade.

Exit Ticket:  Before you come to the next class, please answer the following question:

In your own words, please explain the connection between mercantilism, the Columbian Exchange and the Atlantic Slave Trade.  You should incorporate information gained from each station.  This should not be a simple, single sentence answer; you are looking to demonstrate your understanding of how these concepts connect together.