Calculating The Unit Rate of A Ratio Situation

Calculating The Unit Rate of A Ratio Situation

Participate in Mathematical Discussions


Participate in Mathematical Discussions

Listening actively and asking questions during discussions are as important as the presentations.

To create a good math community, you should:

  • Focus on learning, not getting the answer right.
  • Help each other learn.
  • Be responsible for your own learning.

View the Hints during Ways of Thinking to read questions you can ask the presenter. Pick one or ask your own question.

Discuss the following with your classmates.

  • What can you as a listener contribute to improve your classroom math community?


Here are ways listeners contribute to math discussions:

  • Clarify—Tell the presenter when you do not understand.
    “I did not understand. What do you mean by …?”
  • Critique—Challenge reasoning that is flawed.
    “How do you know that …?”
  • Connect—Explore how different strategies result in the same answer.
    “What you said is like … “
  • Compare—Describe similarities and differences.
    “Is that different from …?”
  • Notice Structure—Ask whether a conclusion is always, sometimes, or never true.
    “Is your conclusion always true for …?”
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