The Effects of Positive & Negative Numbers

The Effects of Positive & Negative Numbers

Hot Air Balloon Simulation


Hot Air Balloon Simulation

Have you ever wondered how a hot air balloon works?

The process is actually pretty simple. A hot air balloon has a propane burner that heats the air in the balloon. Because hot air is lighter than cold air, the balloon rises. When hot air cools inside the balloon, the balloon goes down.

Weight also affects the rising and falling of a hot air balloon. If weight is removed, the balloon rises.

The Hot Air Balloon interactive is a basic simulation of how a hot air balloon works. Remember a simulation models the situation but every aspect does not have to be real—in this case, you could not add weight in midair.

Experiment with the simulation by performing the indicated actions. Discuss your observations with your partner.

In this simulation, the hot air balloon begins high in the air. We call this position 0 because it is the hot air balloon's starting position.

  • Start at 0. Add 4 units of heat to the air.
  • Start at 0. Add 5 units of weight.
  • Start at 0. Remove 8 units of heat from the air.
  • Start at 0. Remove 4 units of weight

INTERACTIVE: Hot Air Balloon

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