Bullying Prevention Lesson

To This Day bullying lesson

This is a great resource to use with high school students for a bullying prevention lesson. I have most recently used it with 9th graders at the beginning of the school year.

Icebreaker- Have students introduce themselves and say one thing they are excited about in high school.

Activity- Watch "To This Day" Ted Talk by Shane Koyzcan on YouTube.

Students watch the Video and complete the viewing guide attached. Be sure to preview this video so you are prepared for strong language.

After the video, discuss the significance of Mr. Koyzcan's experience using the viewing sheet as a guide.

Have students flip over the viewing guide and write you a note as an exit ticket.  This is a great time to ask a needs assessment question. For example: Who are three adults you can trust in the building? This data can be used to set up CICO mentors.