Clinical Practice Support


Our goal is to support teacher educators in designing clinical practice experiences for their teacher candidates. Faculty are encouraged to remix this resource to make it work for their unique student communities. We hope to facilitate continuous improvement of lesson planning and teaching.

These activities were intended to introduce candidates to increasingly greater levels of responsibility in the roles for which they are preparing. These activities are specifically designed to help candidates attain identified knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions outlined in professional, state, and institutional standards. (National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education Standards, 2016).

The following Clinical Practice resource offers support for the following components of clinical practice : 

  1. Observe
  2. Reflect
  3. Plan 
  4. Teach

Reflect: We invite teacher educators to reflect on the following questions while thinking about clinical practice. 

  • What is "teaching" during the pandemic? 
  • What would best help and support teacher candidates?