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Negative Numbers?

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Negative Numbers?

Jason, Emma, Denzel, Carlos, and Chen were discussing negative numbers.

Jason: “I think negative numbers are like ordinary numbers but with a negative sign.”

Emma: “Negative numbers are amounts less than 0.”

Chen: “I think of negative numbers as movements on a number line.”

Denzel: “Negative numbers are like debts, when you owe money, and positive numbers are like credits, when you have money.”

Carlos: “I do not think there is any such thing as a negative number. You can’t count negative numbers.”

  1. Whose ideas do you agree with? Explain why you agree. Use drawings or diagrams if you wish.
  2. Whose ideas do you disagree with? Explain why you disagree. Use drawings or diagrams if you wish.
  3. Do you have another way of thinking about negative numbers? Write your idea.
  4. Write at least two ways that negative numbers appear in the world around you.
  5. How could you convince Carlos that negative numbers exist?
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