Fitness Circuit Workout - Remote Learning

K-5 Remote Learning Physical Education

Activities (i.e. instructions, warm-up, lesson, cool-down): 5min

Perform the PE class “Warmup” before you start the circuit/station workout…
3-5min of movement: 30 sec Galloping 10 sec Powerwalk 45 sec Skipping (Regular or High Knee) 10 sec Powerwalk 15 sec Fanny Kicks 10 sec Powerwalk 60 sec Jogging 10 sec Powerwalk 90 sec Jogging 10 Sec Powerwalk. Get a Drink of water.

Tips for SUCCESS ... start at easier effort to perform "stronger for longer". "start to fast and your energy wont last". Add longer rest before you choose to avoid an exercise. Each exercise has value and a purpose, try them all.

Circuit Workout: 10-15min (1 time performing the entire circuit)

10 Jumping Jacks - 15 sec rest

10 Pushups - 15 sec rest

10 Situps - 15 sec rest

30 sec whole body stretch (lay flat on back, arms above head reach hands as far from feet as possible)

10 Heel Raises - 15 sec rest

10 Toes Raises - 15 sec rest

10 Hops on Left foot - 15 sec rest

10 Hops on Right foot - 15 sec rest

30 sec Toe touch stretch (legs straight, slowly reach hands down towards toes and hold)

10 Line Touches (30ft apart) - 15 sec rest

10 Forward Jumps (jump off of both feet and land on both feet) - 15 sec rest

30 sec Butterfly stretch

10 Burpees - 15 sec rest

1-10 Pull ups (if possible) - 15 sec rest

10 Butterfly kicks - - 15 sec rest

30 sec Oblique Stretch (stand w/ feet shoulder width apart, 1 hand on hip 1 above head. Stretch to side)

REST for 2min 

Repeat Circuit 1 or 2 more times if able.

Once workout is complete do a “cool down”: 5 min
Jog for 30 sec Powerwalk for 90 sec Jog for 20 sec Powerwalk for 90 sec Jog for 10 sec Powerwalk for 90 sec.


Closure: write or reflect in the “activity log” about which exercises you can perform and how many times and if complete the circuit activities. Students should set a goal for the next performance of the workout.