Paper Plate Fitness

K-5 Remote Learning Physical Education

Remote Learning - Paper Plate Fitness

Learning Goals/Outcomes: Students will challenge themselves to perform the various exercises to improve their fitness. Students will self reflect on the amount of work they are capable of handling and can set goals to improve their performance.

Equipment/Materials Needed: Paper Plates
Time Required for Lesson: 3-5 min warm up. 15min activity. 3-5min cool down

Perform the PE class “Warmup” before you start the workout…
3-5min of movement: 30 sec Galloping 10 sec Powerwalk 45 sec Skipping (Regular or High Knee) 10 sec Powerwalk 15 sec Fanny Kicks 10 sec Powerwalk 60 sec Jogging 10 sec Powerwalk 90 sec Jogging 10 Sec Powerwalk. Get a Drink of water.

Paper Plate Fitness Challenge: Attempt to complete 5 of each exercise unless otherwise noted.

Equipment needed: at least 2 paper plates. Plates are used to allow for sliding of feet or hands on the floor depending on which exercise is being performed. 

Shuffling move feet forward R, L, R, L and then backward R, L, R, L - 15-30 sec rest

X-Country Skiing Slide R foot forward and L foot back, moving your arms in opposition. Do long and slow movements 8 times followed by short and fast movements 8 times - 15-30 sec rest

Sliding Jacks Slide feet out to straddle position while arms go up overhead. Close feet together and bring arms down to side - 15-30 sec rest

Skating Pretend you’re skating & slide 1 foot diagonally forward. Close with the other, then slide that foot forward diagonally. Lean forward slightly, keep shoulders, back & core muscles flexed - 15-30 sec rest

Side Twist With knees and feet together, turn feet to R while upper body turns L. Twist the other way, traveling to the side as you go - 15-30 sec rest

Sliding Jacks/X-Country Skiing Combo Sliding Jack 4X then X-Country Ski 4X repeat - 15-30 sec rest

Side Lunge Alternately slide L foot slowly out to the side, bending R knee no more than 90’ w/ L leg straight. Hold for 2 count and slide back to home position. Switch leg. Movement is slow and controlled. Back straight and core abdominals flexed - 15-30 sec rest

Front Lunge Slide R foot forward, bending R knee no more than 90’, L leg straight. Hold for 2 count and slide back to home position. Switch leg. Movement is slow and controlled. Back straight and core abdominals flexed - 15-30 sec rest

Rear Lunge Keep R foot stationary while L slides back until L knee touches the floor and the R knee bends to 90’. Return to start position under control. Switch leg - 15-30 sec rest

Push-Ups Pushup position; hands on plates, shoulder-width apart. Slide plates out just wider than shoulder-width apart, then lower your body by bending elbows. As raising up, arms straighten, slide plates closer together - 15-30 sec rest

Curl-Ups Lie on back, with legs straight, arms on the floor & hands pointing toward feet; heels on plates. Lift head & shoulders off floor, sit up & slide hands toward heels & heels toward hands - 15-30 sec rest

Bear Walking Get on hands and feet with plates under your hands. Slide R hand and walk R foot forward. Slide L hand & walk L foot forward - 15-30 sec rest.

REST for 2min  then COOL DOWN

Snow Angel Lie on back, legs straight, arms at sides. Place plates under heels. Raise arms over head as legs straddle out like a snow angel. Return arms and feet together - 15-30 sec rest

Shoulder Stretch Kneel and place outstretched hands on plates and slide extended arms forward. Hold for 2 count - 15-30 sec rest

Straddle Slide Sit in straddle position with hands on plates in front of you. Slide arms forward as far as comfortable. Hold for 2 count - 15-30 sec rest