ASSIGNMENT: Soda Paper Edit

ASSIGNMENT: Soda Paper Edit

Soda Paper Edit (15 points)

Learning objective: I know how to word processing skills to edit a paper.

For this assignment, you will be making a copy of the Soda Paper Edit template and making edits to it using a lot of the Google Doc skills we've learned in this class. Scroll to the end of this page to see a before and after of the assignment. Click here if you need to review any of the Google Drive and Docs lessons.


Step 1. Make a copy of this Soda Paper Edit template and name it "Lastname, FirstName Soda Paper Edit".

Step 2. Make the following edits:

  • Use one-inch margins on all sides of the document (File > Page setup > 1 inch margins > OK). 
  • *A lot of students forget to do this edit: Make the document have double-spacing (Format > Line Space > Double).
  • *A lot of students forget to do this edit: Insert a header (Insert > Headers & footers > Header), change the font to Arial and type your name, date, and file name. 
  • Select the entire body of the document and change the font to Arial and size 12.
  • Select the title, center it, and change it to size 18.
  • Read the entire story, add the information requested in all of the [brackets], then be sure to delete all of the brackets.
  • Bold all the names (people and places) in the paragraph.  
  • Italicize the type of drinks that were ordered by everyone. 
  • Underline the ideas for presents for your relative.  
  • Find the words "birthday" and replace them with "Christmas" (Edit > Find and replace).
  • Insert an image from the web of your favorite soda (Insert > Image > Search the web), resize it so it's smaller, change its alignment to wrap text, and drag the image to the top-left of the story. 
  • Run a spell check to make sure all words are spelled correctly (Tools > Spelling and grammar > Spelling and grammar check). 

Step 3. Get organized by saving this document in your Word Processing course Google Drive folder (File > Move > Word Processing Assignments > Move > Move).

before and after

Attribution: in the public domain, LaTressia Ware.