Accounting Basics

Accounting Basics

Introduction to Accounting

Welcome to Mdumiseni’s video course in the basics of accounting. This course introduces the viewer to the most important principles in accounting. While this course is complicated and requires some understanding of mathematical principles, it is an introductory level course in that no prior background or experience in accounting is required.

Section one is the introduction

Section two of this course starts with explanations of the basic Accounting concepts.

Section three explains the Accounting cycle.

Section four explains the basic Accounting documents: the balance sheet, and the income statement.

Section five explains the Accounting principles. We will look at the overview of the Accounting policy and the definition and explanation of GAAP principles.

In our last section, we will look at ethics. The focus will be on the Code of Ethics and the basic principles of ethics.

At the end of this course, you will know about the basics of Accounting concepts, the Accounting cycle, the Accounting documents and their importance, the Accounting principles and their policy as well ethics.

Best of luck and we welcome your feedback.


Table of Content

Introduction to Accounting

Section 1

Basic Accounting ConceptsSection 2
Accounting Cycle

Section 3

Accounting DocumentsSection 4
Accounting PrinciplesSection 5

Section 6



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