Social Work & Social Welfare: Modern Practice in a Diverse World

Social Work & Social Welfare: Modern Practice in a Diverse World

About the Authors

Mick Cullen, LCSW, MA, CADC, is a professor and the chair of the social work/human services program at College of Lake County in Grayslake, Illinois, where he has taught since 2005. He earned his bachelor's degree in social work from Troy University in 1999, his Master of Social Work degree from the Jane Addams College of Social Work at University of Illinois at Chicago in 2001, and a Master of Arts in sociology from Arizona State University in 2019. Mick maintained a private practice until 2012, conducting individual, family, and couples therapy, specializing in addictions, sexuality, mood disorders, and anxiety disorders. His other social work jobs have included acting as a primary therapist in an intensive outpatient program for adolescents with substance use disorders, a therapist in a residential treatment facility for adolescent sex offenders, and a caseworker for a therapeutic foster care program. He is the father of four sons and has been married to his partner since 2010. In his spare time, Mick enjoys marathon running, hosting a community radio show, collecting records, and playing miniature golf. This is the second edition of his first book.

Matthew Cullen, LICSW, LCSW, MEd, is currently a faculty Counselor at Green River College in Auburn, Washington, where he has worked since 2019.  Prior to moving to the Pacific Northwest, he was the coordinator of the counseling center, in addition to being a faculty Counselor, at Moraine Valley Community College in Palos Hills, Illinois, where he worked for eight and a half years.  He earned his Bachelor of Social Work degree, with minors in Human Behavior and Policy Evaluation, from Northern Michigan University, his Master of Social Work degree from the Jane Addams College of Social Work at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and a Master of Education in school counseling from Loyola University Chicago.  Matthew began his career helping previously incarcerated individuals transition to the workforce, then working in community health as a drug prevention specialist.  He later transitioned to higher education, first as an adjunct social work instructor before moving on to Moraine Valley, where he taught career planning and college transition courses as well as provided academic, career, and personal counseling to students.  He and his wife are big foodies, love traveling and experiencing new cultures, and speak both English and Spanish at home.  Matthew spends his spare time collecting hockey cards, playing miniature golf, and building furniture and home decor out of reclaimed wood and old sporting equipment.  This is also the second edition of his first book.


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