Adult ESL: Beginner

ACES - Developing a Future Pathway

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ACES (Academic, Career & Employability Skills) The goal of ACES is to ensure that Adult Basic Education (ABE) programs are able to provide effective contextualized instruction integrating post-secondary education and training readiness, employability skills, and career readiness at all levels. The Transitions Integration Framework (TIF) is the cornerstone of ACES. It was designed to provide ABE programs and instructors with guidance on the effective integration of transitions skills into instruction at all levels of ABE. The TIF defines the academic, career, and employability skills essential for adult learners to successfully transition to post-secondary education, career training, the workplace, and community involvement. The ACES Resource Library contains tools to help ABE practitioners incorporate the TIF skills into lessons and instructional settings and provides materials that can be used directly with adult learners.

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Author: Heather Turngren

Beginning Level Housing Stories for Adult ELLs

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Resources for building literacy and reading fluency with beginning level adult learners. These two short stories were originally created for a beginning level class of adult Somali women. The stories are set in a familiar context and are designed to help the readers learn the names of rooms and features in an apartment or house. Additional activities for language extension are included after both of the stories.

Material Type: Reading

Author: Andrea Echelberger

Minnesota Literacy Council Curriculum and Lesson Plans

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The Minnesota Literacy Council provides a wide variety of professionally written curriculum for adult ESL, adult literacy, and GED classes. The ESL Curriculum includes six months of comprehensive, life-skills based curriculum for pre-beginning and beginning level classes. The units in these curricula are based on themes that are applicable to adult ESL learners, aligned with the CASAS standards, and incorporate the ACES Transitions Skills Framework. Each unit includes explicit teacher instructions, a grammar focus, and printable handouts. GED Science and Mathematical Reasoning curricula are also available, as well as curriculum for employment readiness, technology mini-grants, and citizenship instruction. The site also includes curriculum units that were created in partnership with ECHO Minnesota. Topics covered are: voting, domestic violence, community resilience, tornado safety, and health.

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Money Quiz

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This lesson employs the use of a quiz created on Google Forms. When these forms are linked to a website (such as a classroom website) students can access them without needing a username or password. The primary purpose of this lesson to give students experience taking an online quiz, while simultaneously reinforcing academic content. The content of this quiz is Counting Money, although the numeracy goals are secondary to the digital literacy goals.

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Author: Sheri Lear

Writing Refresher

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This resource offers self-paced modules that will help you review key topics in writing. Each module provides instruction followed by review questions. The modules can be completed individually or in sequence. After completing a module, you have the option to download or print a completion report to share with a tutor, instructor, or save for posterity!

Material Type: Module

01 - Classroom

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These lesson plans and activities were developed by Janine Darragh, Gina Petrie, and Stan Pichinevskiy and were previously located on the Reaching for English app. Created for K-12 English teachers in Nicaragua, the materials may be used and adapted for any country's specific context and needs. 

Material Type: Lesson Plan, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Authors: Marco Seiferle-Valencia, Janine Darragh


10 - Clothes: Same Closet? Activity

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These lesson plans and activities were repurposed by Raquel Fernández Romero  and were previously drafted by Janine Darragh, Gina Petrie, and Stan Pichinevskiy who created them for K-12 English teachers in Nicaragua. Now the activity will be carried out in a 4th grade of Primary Education but the materials may be used and adapted for any country's specific context and needs. 

Material Type: Activity/Lab

Author: Raquel Fernández Romero