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Counseling 110: Career and Life Planning

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Career and life planning is a lifetime process and this course is designed to equip you with the tools necessary to navigate each step of the way. This course is divided into six units to guide you through the career exploration and planning process. Unit 1: Getting Started: Creating Your Career & Life Planning Vision: Introduces the career exploration and planning process and highlights important success factors such as mental outlook, self-confidence and the power of positive thinking as you develop your personal vision. Unit 2: Engaging in Self-Exploration: Valuable career assessments will be administered and interpreted to help identify core values, personality preferences, interests, skills, abilities and character strengths. Unit 3: Conducting Career Research: Research techniques and tools for exploring the world of work, current job market trends, and online resources for career information will be covered. Unit 4: Decision Making and Goal Setting: Steps involved in the decision making process will be explored while identifying obstacles and challenges faced when making decisions. Goal Setting and educational planning tools will be introduced to help identify next steps and develop a personalized academic and skills based educational plan. Unit 5: Developing your Self-Marketing Campaign: The job search process, networking, resume and cover letter writing and interviewing techniques will be addressed to help create a strong marketing campaign. Unit 6: Turning your Career and Life Planning Vision into Reality: Creating a personal career vision statement and action plan is the focus of this unit. Staying motivated and determined to making the vision a reality.

Material Type: Textbook

Authors: Elizabeth Shaker, Graciela Martinez