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OER Fellowship: Training for Educators

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This course is set up as a way to provide resources and practice with understanding, using, and creating OER. It contains resources and tasks originally created for the Open Resources Fellowship Professional Learning Community at Mountain Heights Academy--an all online charter school for grades 8-12 in the state of Utah. This course focuses on using the OER Commons for finding and remixing resources, and authoring original OER with an emphasis on providing opportunities for "next-gen" or student-created OER.

Material Type: Assessment, Full Course, Lecture Notes, Primary Source

Author: Sara Layton

Media Literacy: Real vs Fake News

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In this lesson, students will develop media literacy skills by analyzing and evaluating real versus fake news sources. Students learn how to identify various types of fakes news and apply critical thinking to evaluate if the information is reliable and unreliable.Image attribution:

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Author: Melissa Daley

Teen Living FCCLA Illustrated Talk Star Event Project

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This project is given as part of a Teen Living class with the objective of incorporating the CTSO FCCLA into course curriculum.  The illustrated talk STAR event asks students to identify an issue facing Family and Consumer Science, Teens, or related occupations and create a presenation about it.  There are so many issues that the students can choose from! This project leads students to examine the issues in the world around them and come up with ways to solve those issues.  The resource being shared is a a student created example of a completed project by Ariel and Faith Moua on Teens and Distracted Driving.  Rubric for the Illustrated Talk star event given by FCCLA can be found here

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Author: Shanna Haws

Comprehension Check: Acids and Bases

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A quick comprehension quiz about Acids and bases. Useful for students who want to test themselves. Questions are based on information that can be found in another presentation. The Google presentation can be found here:

Material Type: Student Guide

Author: Madison Rice