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Tea Time Numerical Analysis

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This textbook was born of a desire to contribute a viable, free, introductory Numerical Analysis textbook for instructors and students of mathematics. The ultimate goal of Tea Time Numerical Analysis is to be a complete, one-semester, single-pdf, downloadable textbook designed for mathematics classes. Now includes differential equations.

Material Type: Textbook

Author: Leon Q. Brin

A Gentle Introduction to the Art of Mathematics

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This book is designed for the transition course between calculus and differential equations and the upper division mathematics courses with an emphasis on proof and abstraction. The book has been used by the author and several other faculty at Southern Connecticut State University. There are nine chapters and more than enough material for a semester course. Student reviews are favorable. It is written in an informal, conversational style with a large number of interesting examples and exercises, so that a student learns to write proofs while working on engaging problems.

Material Type: Textbook

Connecticut Intermediate Algebra Student Workbook

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Mathematics instructors at Scottsdale Community College in Scottsdale, Arizona originally created this workbook. Faculty from Housatonic Community College and Middlesex Community College collaborated and edited the book to fit Connecticut’s Intermediate Algebra outcomes. The included content is designed to lead students through Intermediate Algebra, from a functions modeling approach, and to develop a deep understanding of the concepts associated with functions, data and change. The included curriculum is broken into eleven lessons. Each lesson includes the following components: MINI-LESSON • The Mini-Lesson is the main instructional component for each lesson. • Ideas are introduced with practical applications. • Worked Examples are provided for each topic in the Mini-Lesson. Read through these examples carefully. Use these as a guide for completing similar problems. • Media Examples can be worked by watching online videos and taking notes/writing down the problem as written by the instructor. Video links can be found within the MyOpenMath (MOM) Online Homework Assessment System. • You-Try problems help reinforce Lesson concepts and should be worked in the order they appear showing as much work as possible.

Material Type: Homework/Assignment

Authors: Connecticut Intermediate Algebra OER Workgroup (CIAOW), Marina Philips, Michael La Barbera, Pam Frost

Elementary Algebra Student Workbook Version 1.1 from Housatonic Community College

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This workbook was originally created by mathematics instructors at Scottsdale Community College in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jennifer Nohai-Seaman has edited their version to fit the needs of the students and professors at Housatonic Community College. It is designed to lead students through Elementary Algebra and to help them develop a deep understanding of the concepts. Special thanks to the Developmental Studies Department at Housatonic Community College and the Math Department at Middlesex Community College for their valuable and immeasurable input.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Homework/Assignment, Textbook

Author: Jennifer Nohai-Seaman