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Ontario College Libraries’ OER Toolkit

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The OER Toolkit aims to improve equitable access to open learning resources and services to college students by providing a province-wide academic support platform for faculty to use while designing courses and assignments. The Toolkit is a one-stop guide to open educational resources, providing faculty and library staff with tools and information to understand, engage with, create, and sustain OER in their work and practice. The Toolkit is designed to be used by anyone involved with OER at an academic institution, whether you are part of a team that is collaborating to create OER, a library staff member who is supporting OER development and use, an advocate for OER at your institution, or an instructor seeking to incorporate OER and open pedagogy in the classroom. The primary purpose of this Toolkit is to support faculty and library staff at Ontario colleges; however, it is openly available for use beyond the Ontario college community.

Material Type: Module, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Author: Colleges Libraries Ontario and the Ontario Colleges Library Service in collaboration with ISKME

Production of OER Worklow

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This workflow can help you understand the major steps in the production of OER and manage your own progress towards creating OER. Key questions are asked at various points and direction to support from library. We ask faculty and departments authoring open content to engage in this process in order for their OER to be recognized. This work, created by Billy Meinke and University of Hawai'i at Mānoa, is licensed under a CC BY 4.0 International license - Revisions by Regina Gong at Lansing Community College and OPEN SLCC.

Material Type: Diagram/Illustration

Author: Liliana Diaz

TCC Library Handout - Copyright, OER, and CC Licenses

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This is a 3-page "quick guide" handout about copyright, OER, and CC licenses, including what they look like and what they mean for usage in and out of the classroom. This handout is meant for students and would be a useful supplement for any assignments requiring openly licensed multimedia or sources. This handout also accompanies the TCC Library's "Student Guide to OER" LibGuide.

Material Type: Student Guide

Author: Tacoma Community College Library


Howard County Public School's OER Curation

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As Howard County Public School System advances its open educational resource (OER) adoption and implementation plan, ISKME is pleased to support this effort moving forward. ISKME brings a comprehensive OER toolset and immersive professional learning program to assist educators in enhancing their capacities to use, evaluate, curate, and create OER. Leveraging its teaching and learning network and digital library, OER Commons ( launched in 2007, ISKME advances collaboration and continuous improvement of high-quality curriculum. This is the first of three custom module trainings that will provide participants with an introduction to OER practice and the value add, highlighting successful state and district use cases. Followed by a demonstration and discussion of how to navigate OER Commons and create collaborative workflows to identify resources, assess their quality using rubrics, and organize materials for use. Participants will get an opportunity to practice using OER tools and begin to design their plans for OER implementation, specific to their immediate OER needs. An important outcome for educators will be a shared understanding of OER practice and specific next steps for OER adoption in their work. We have designed these modules to first spark the learner's interest in the topics covered and then dig deeper into the content through presentations, storytelling, and demonstrations of the tools. We will offer opportunities for learners to practice exploring the resources and tools, and reflect on how they might use them in their work.

Material Type: Module

Authors: Megan Simmons, Joanna Schimizzi