Every Click You Make: Algorithms, Social Media and You (HS lesson)


Washington Ed Tech Standards: Digital Citizen: Students recognize the rights, responsibilities and opportunities of living, learning and working in an interconnected digital world, and they act and model in ways that are safe, legal and ethical.

WA.ET.9-12.DC.2a - Students cultivate and manage their digital identity and reputation and are aware of the permanence of their actions in the digital world.  

WA.ET.9-12.DC.2b - Students engage in positive, safe, legal and ethical behavior when using technology, including social interactions online or when using networked devices.  WA.ET.9-12.DC.2c - Students demonstrate an understanding of and respect for the rights and obligations of using and sharing intellectual property.  

WA.ET.9-12.DC.2d - Students manage their personal data to maintain digital privacy and security and are aware of data-collection technology used to track their navigation online.