Improving Your Reading Comprehension in College Courses

Lesson Plan

Lesson Goal:

The goal of this lesson is to provide instruction along with practical application, so college students can increase their reading proficiencies and meet college reading demands.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand how we process information

  • To understand the different types of reading and appropriate strategies

  • To utilize effective reading strategies

  • To utilize metacognition while reading

  • To take efficient and effective notes on reading material

  • To annotate effectively to comprehension reading materials

Materials Needed:

Pen and paper/notebook for taking notes and practice.

Review PowerPoint:

The PowerPoint has a brief guide to assist in presentation.


Have the students read and take notes Why Children Fail. Allow students roughly five minutes to complete the activity but explain that you will be testing them on their notes, and they will NOT be able to look at the article again. See noted questions and prompts for discussion on annotated copy of Why Children Fail.

Additional Resources:

Active Reading: