Interpreting the Bill of Rights

Which of the following rights is not explicitly protected by some state constitutions?

  1. the right to hunt
  2. the right to privacy
  3. the right to polygamous marriage
  4. the right to a free public education



The right to privacy has been controversial for all the following reasons except ________.

  1. it is not explicitly included in the Constitution or Bill of Rights
  2. it has been interpreted to protect women’s right to have an abortion
  3. it has been used to overturn laws that have substantial public support
  4. most U.S. citizens today believe the government should be allowed to outlaw birth control

Which of the following rules has the Supreme Court said is an undue burden on the right to have an abortion?

  1. Women must make more than one visit to an abortion clinic before the procedure can be performed.
  2. Minors must gain the consent of a parent or judge before seeking an abortion.
  3. Women must notify their spouses before having an abortion.
  4. Women must be informed of the health consequences of having an abortion.



A major difference between most European countries and the United States today is ________.

  1. most Europeans don’t use technologies that can easily be tracked
  2. laws in Europe more strictly regulate how government officials can use tracking technology
  3. there are more legal restrictions on how the U.S. government uses tracking technology than in Europe
  4. companies based in Europe don’t have to comply with U.S. privacy laws

Explain the difference between a right listed in the Bill of Rights and a common-law right.


A right listed in the Bill of Rights is afforded clearer protection than one developed incrementally through court precedents.

Describe two ways in which new technological developments challenge traditional notions of privacy.