Congressional Elections

Senate races tend to inspire ________.

  1. broad discussion of policy issues
  2. narrow discussion of specific policy issues
  3. less money than House races
  4. less media coverage than House races

The saying “All politics is local” roughly means ________.

  1. the local candidate will always win
  2. the local constituents want action on national issues
  3. the local constituents tend to care about things that affect them
  4. the act of campaigning always occurs at the local level where constituents are



What does Campbell’s surge-and-decline theory suggest about the outcome of midterm elections?

Explain the factors that make it difficult to oust incumbents.


Incumbents chase off would-be challengers because they are able to raise more money given that people want to back a winner and that voters know incumbents by name because they won the office in a previous election. The challengers who do take on incumbents typically lose soundly for the same reasons.