Waves and Wavelengths

Critical Thinking Question

Why do you think other species have such different ranges of sensitivity for both visual and auditory stimuli compared to humans?


Other species have evolved to best suit their particular environmental niches. For example, the honeybee relies on flowering plants for survival. Seeing in the ultraviolet light might prove especially helpful when locating flowers. Once a flower is found, the ultraviolet rays point to the center of the flower where the pollen and nectar are contained. Similar arguments could be made for infrared detection in snakes as well as for the differences in audible ranges of the species described in this section.

Why do you think humans are especially sensitive to sounds with frequencies that fall in the middle portion of the audible range?


Once again, one could make an evolutionary argument here. Given that the human voice falls in this middle range and the importance of communication among humans, one could argue that it is quite adaptive to have an audible range that centers on this particular type of stimulus.