Challenges to Spain’s Supremacy

Review Questions

Why didn’t England make stronger attempts to colonize the New World before the late sixteenth to early seventeenth century?

  1. English attention was turned to internal struggles and the encroaching Catholic menace to Scotland and Ireland.
  2. The English monarchy did not want to declare direct war on Spain by attempting to colonize the Americas.
  3. The English military was occupied in battling for control of New Netherlands.
  4. The English crown refused to fund colonial expeditions.



What was the main goal of the French in colonizing the Americas?

  1. establishing a colony with French subjects
  2. trading, especially for furs
  3. gaining control of shipping lanes
  4. spreading Catholicism among native peoples



What were some of the main differences among the non-Spanish colonies?


Many English colonists in Virginia were aristocrats who had never worked and didn’t expect to start. They hoped to find gold and silver and were unprepared for the realities of colonial life. Farther north, the English Puritan colonies were largely founded not for profit but for religious reasons. The French and Dutch colonies were primarily trading posts. Their colonists enjoyed good relationships with many native groups because they made alliances with and traded with them.