Great Awakening and Enlightenment

Review Questions

What was the First Great Awakening?

  1. a cultural and intellectual movement that emphasized reason and science over superstition and religion
  2. a Protestant revival that emphasized emotional, experiential faith over book learning
  3. a cultural shift that promoted Christianity among slave communities
  4. the birth of an American identity, promoted by Benjamin Franklin



Which of the following is not a tenet of the Enlightenment?

  1. atheism
  2. empiricism
  3. progressivism
  4. rationalism



Who were the Freemasons, and why were they significant?


The Freemasons were a fraternal society that originated in London coffeehouses in the early eighteenth century. They advocated Enlightenment principles of inquiry and tolerance. Masonic lodges soon spread throughout Europe and the British colonies, creating a shared experience on both sides of the Atlantic and spreading Enlightenment intellectual currents throughout the British Empire. Benjamin Franklin was a prominent Freemason.