The New American Republic

Review Questions

Which of the following was not true of Jay’s Treaty of 1794?

  1. It gave the United States land rights in the West Indies.
  2. It gave American ships the right to trade in the West Indies.
  3. It hardened differences between the political parties of the United States.
  4. It stipulated that U.S. citizens would repay their debts from the Revolutionary War.



What was the primary complaint of the rebels in the Whiskey Rebellion?

  1. the ban on alcohol
  2. the lack of political representation for farmers
  3. the need to fight Indians for more land
  4. the tax on whiskey and rum



How did the French Revolution in the early 1790s influence the evolution of the American political system?


In the United States, the French Revolution hardened differences between the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans. The Federalists feared the anarchy of the French Revolution and worried that Democratic-Republicanism would bring that kind of disorder to the United States. The Democratic-Republicans supported the goals of the French Revolution, even if they didn’t support the means, and believed that siding with Great Britain instead of France meant a return to a system of monarchy.