A Vibrant Capitalist Republic

Review Questions

Most people who migrated within the United States in the early nineteenth century went ________.

  1. north toward Canada
  2. west toward Ohio
  3. south toward Georgia
  4. east across the Mississippi River



Which of the following was not a cause of the Panic of 1819?

  1. The Second Bank of the United States made risky loans.
  2. States chartered too many banks.
  3. Prices for American commodities dropped.
  4. Banks hoarded gold and silver.



Robert Fulton is known for inventing ________.

  1. the cotton gin
  2. the mechanical reaper
  3. the steamship engine
  4. machine tools



What did federal and state governments do to help people who were hurt in the Panic of 1819?


The federal government passed laws allowing people to sell back land they could not pay for and use the money to pay their debt. States made it more difficult to foreclose on mortgages and tried to make it easier for people to declare bankruptcy.