A New Political Style: From John Quincy Adams to Andrew Jackson

Review Questions

Which group saw an expansion of their voting rights in the early nineteenth century?

  1. free blacks
  2. non-property-owning men
  3. women
  4. Indians



What was the lasting impact of the Bucktail Republican Party in New York?

  1. They implemented universal suffrage.
  2. They pushed for the expansion of the canal system.
  3. They elevated Martin Van Buren to the national political stage.
  4. They changed state election laws from an appointee system to a system of open elections.



Who won the popular vote in the election of 1824?

  1. Andrew Jackson
  2. Martin Van Buren
  3. Henry Clay
  4. John Quincy Adams



Why did Andrew Jackson and his supporters consider the election of John Quincy Adams to be a “corrupt bargain”?


Jackson and his supporters resented Speaker Henry Clay’s maneuvering in the House of Representatives, which gave Adams the election even though Jackson had won the popular vote. When Adams, after taking office, gave Clay the post of secretary of state, it seemed that Adams was rewarding Clay—perhaps even fulfilling the terms of a secret bargain.

Who stood to gain from the Tariff of Abominations, and who expected to lose by it?


Northern manufacturers were expected to gain from the tariff because it made competing goods from abroad more expensive than those they made. Southern plantation owners expected the tariff would be costly for them, because it raised the price of goods they could only import. Southerners also feared the tariff represented an unwelcome expansion of federal power over the states.