The Nullification Crisis and the Bank War

Review Questions

South Carolina threatened to nullify which federal act?

  1. the abolition of slavery
  2. the expansion of the transportation infrastructure
  3. the protective tariff on imported goods
  4. the rotation in office that expelled several federal officers



How did President Jackson respond to Congress’s re-chartering of the Second Bank of the United States?

  1. He vetoed it.
  2. He gave states the right to implement it or not.
  3. He signed it into law.
  4. He wrote a counterproposal.



Why did the Second Bank of the United States make such an inviting target for President Jackson?


Many people saw the Second Bank of the United States, the “monster bank,” as a tool for the privileged few, not for the public good. To Jackson, who saw himself as a spokesman for the common people against a powerful minority elite, it represented the elites’ self-serving policies. Fighting to dismantle the bank increased his popularity among many American voters.

What were the philosophies and policies of the new Whig Party?


Whigs opposed what they viewed as the tyrannical rule of Andrew Jackson. For this reason, they named themselves after the eighteenth-century British-American Whigs, who stood in opposition to King George. Whigs believed in an active federal government committed to internal improvements, including the establishment of a national bank.