Independence for Texas

Review Questions

Texas won its independence from Mexico in ________.

  1. 1821
  2. 1830
  3. 1836
  4. 1845



Texans defeated the army of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna at the battle of ________.

  1. the Alamo
  2. San Jacinto
  3. Nacogdoches
  4. Austin



How did Texas settlers’ view of Mexico and its people contribute to the history of Texas in the 1830s?


American slaveholders in Texas distrusted the Mexican government’s reluctant tolerance of slavery and wanted Texas to be a new U.S. slave state. Most also disliked Mexicans’ Roman Catholicism and regarded them as dishonest, ignorant, and backward. Belief in their own superiority inspired some Texans to try to undermine the power of the Mexican government.