The Origins and Outbreak of the Civil War

Review Questions

Which of the following does not represent a goal of the Confederate States of America?

  1. to protect slavery from any effort to abolish it
  2. to protect the domestic slave trade
  3. to ensure that slavery would be allowed to spread into western territories
  4. to ensure that the international slave trade would be allowed to continue



Which was not a provision of the Crittenden Compromise?

  1. that the Five Civilized Tribes would be admitted into the Confederacy
  2. that the 36°30′ line from the Missouri Compromise would be restored and extended
  3. that Congress would be prohibited from abolishing slavery where it already existed
  4. that the interstate slave trade would be allowed to continue



Why did the states of the Deep South secede from the Union sooner than the states of the Upper South and the border states?


Slavery was more deeply entrenched in the Deep South than it was in the Upper South or the border states. The Deep South was home to larger numbers of both slaveholders and slaves. Pro-Union sentiment remained strong in parts of the Upper South and border states, particularly those areas with smaller populations of slaveholders.