The Impact of Expansion on Chinese Immigrants and Hispanic Citizens

Review Questions

What brought the majority of Chinese immigrants to the U.S.?

  1. gold
  2. work opportunities on the railroads
  3. the Homestead Act
  4. Chinese benevolent associations



How were Hispanic citizens deprived of their wealth and land in the course of western settlement?

  1. Indian raids
  2. land seizures
  3. prisoner of war status
  4. infighting



Compare and contrast the treatment of Chinese immigrants and Hispanic citizens to that of Indians during the period of western settlement.


In all three cases, white settlers felt that they were superior to these ethnic groups and morally correct in their exploitation of the groups’ land and labor. Whether mining sacred Sioux reservation lands for gold or forcing Chinese immigrants to pay a special fine to mine for gold, white settlers were confident that their goal of Manifest Destiny gave them the right to do as they wished. Hispanic Americans, unlike Chinese immigrants and Indians, were allowed citizenship rights, although racist laws and corrupt judges severely curtailed these rights. Chinese immigrants were ultimately denied entry to the United States through the Chinese Exclusion Act.