Symbolic Representation

Prepare a Presentation

Work Time

Prepare a Presentation

  • Choose one equation or inequality that you created in the Balance Scale interactives that you think is particularly interesting.
  • Use this equation/inequality to explain your understanding of equations and/or inequalities. In your explanation, refer to the corresponding scale you created using the interactive.

Challenge Problem

NOTE: Ignore the instructions in the interactive and follow the steps below.

  1. Place a number on the left side of the scale.
  2. Place a different number on the right side.
  3. Is there any one number you can now add on both sides that will balance the scale? Explain.

INTERACTIVE: Balance Scale B


  • Think about the definitions of equation andinequality :
    • An equation consists of two equivalent expressions that are linked by an equal sign.
    • An inequality consists of two nonequivalent expressions that are linked by a less than sign (<) or a greater than sign (>).