Economic Imperialism in East Asia

Review Questions

How did Hay’s suggestion of an open door policy in China benefit the United States over other nations?

  1. The United States produced goods of better quality and lower cost than other countries.
  2. The United States enjoyed a historically stronger relationship with the Chinese government.
  3. The United States was the only nation granted permission to collect taxes on the goods it traded within China’s borders.
  4. The United States controlled more foreign ports than other countries.



How did the Boxer Rebellion strengthen American ties with China?

  1. The United States supported the rebels and gained their support.
  2. The United States provided troops to fight the rebels.
  3. The United States sent arms and financial support to the Chinese government.
  4. The United States thwarted attempts by Great Britain and Germany to fortify the rebels.



How does the “Open Door notes” episode represent a new, nonmilitary tactic in the expansion of the American empire?


The Open Door notes and the American foray into China revealed the power of economic clout. Given the unprecedented technological advances of the industrial revolution, American goods were often less expensive and of better quality than those produced in other countries, and they were highly sought after in Asia. Therefore, when Hay derided the spheres of influence model, wherein each country had its own room to maneuver in China, he was able to flood Chinese markets with American trade. Through these maneuvers, the United States was able to augment its global standing considerably without the use of its military forces.