The United States Prepares for War

Review Questions

Which of the following was not enacted in order to secure men and materials for the war effort?

  1. the Food Administration
  2. the Selective Service Act
  3. the War Industries Board
  4. the Sedition Act



What of the following was not used to control American dissent against the war effort?

  1. propaganda campaigns
  2. repressive legislation
  3. National Civil Liberties Bureau
  4. loyalty leagues



How did the government work to ensure unity on the home front, and why did Wilson feel that this was so important?


The government took a number of steps to ensure that Americans supported the war effort. Congress passed several laws, including the Trading with the Enemy Act, the Espionage Act, the Sedition Act, and the Alien Act, all intended to criminalize dissent against the war. The government also encouraged private citizens to identify and report potential disloyalty among their neighbors, teachers, and others, including those who spoke out against the war and the draft for religious reasons. Wilson believed these steps were necessary to prevent divided loyalties, given the many recent immigrants living in the United States who maintained ties to European nations on both sides of the conflict.