The Rise of Franklin Roosevelt

Review Questions

Which of the following best describes Roosevelt’s attempts to push his political agenda in the last months of Hoover’s presidency?

  1. Roosevelt spoke publicly on the issue of direct relief.
  2. Roosevelt met privately with Hoover to convince him to institute certain policy shifts before his presidency ended.
  3. Roosevelt awaited his inauguration before introducing any plans.
  4. Roosevelt met secretly with members of Congress to attempt to win their favor.



Which of the following policies did Roosevelt not include among his early ideas for a New Deal?

  1. public works
  2. government regulation of the economy
  3. elimination of the gold standard
  4. aid to farmers



What was the purpose of Roosevelt’s “Brains Trust?”


Roosevelt recruited his “Brains Trust” to advise him in his inception of a variety of relief and recovery programs. Among other things, the members of this group pushed for a new national tax policy; addressed the nation’s agricultural problems; advocated an increased role for the federal government in setting wages and prices; and believed that the federal government could temper the boom-and-bust cycles that rendered the economy unstable. These advisors helped to craft the legislative programs that Roosevelt presented to Congress.