The Home Front

Review Questions

During World War II, unionized workers agreed ________.

  1. to work without pay
  2. to go without vacations or days off
  3. to live near the factories to save time commuting
  4. to keep production going by not striking



The program to recruit Mexican agricultural workers during World War II was the ________.

  1. bracero program
  2. maquiladora program
  3. brazzos program
  4. campesino program



What were American women’s contributions to the war effort?


Many American women joined the armed forces, where they served as nurses, repaired and piloted airplanes, drove trucks, and performed clerical duties. Women in civilian life assumed occupations, often in the defense industries, that would have gone to men in times of peace. Women who did not take on wartime employment also contributed by recycling scarce materials, buying war bonds, planning meals using rationed foods, and generally making do with less.