Victory in the European Theater

Review Questions

Which of the following demands did the Soviet Union make of Britain and the United States?

  1. the right to try all Nazi war criminals in the Soviet Union
  2. the invasion of North Africa to help the Soviet Union’s ally Iraq
  3. the invasion of western Europe to draw German forces away from the Soviet Union
  4. the right to place Communist Party leaders in charge of the German government



What did Roosevelt mean to achieve with his demand for Germany and Japan’s unconditional surrender?


Roosevelt believed that his demand for an unconditional surrender from Germany and Japan would serve several purposes: It would provide reassurance to the Soviet Union of the nation’s loyalty, prepare the Axis nations for a complete postwar transformation, and prevent any other nations from engaging in negotiations that would undermine the Big Three’s plans for the defeated belligerents.

What were the phases of the Holocaust?


The first prison camps for Jews and other “enemies” of the Nazis were built in Germany in 1933. Following the invasion of eastern Europe, more camps, including extermination camps, were built in areas conquered by the Nazis. People, primarily Jews, were shipped to these camps from throughout Nazi-controlled Europe.