Coming Apart, Coming Together

Review Questions

President Nixon took a bold diplomatic step in early 1972 when he ________.

  1. went to Vienna
  2. declared the Vietnam War over
  3. met with Chinese leaders in Beijing
  4. signed the Glasgow Accords



The blue-collar workers who Nixon called “the silent majority” ________.

  1. fled to the suburbs to avoid integration
  2. wanted to replace existing social institutions with cooperatives
  3. opposed the war in Vietnam
  4. believed their opinions were overlooked in the political process



What caused the rifts in the Democratic Party in the 1968 election?


Many Democrats disliked the fact that Hubert Humphrey had won the Party’s nomination, even though he had done poorly in all the primaries. In November, many who had supported antiwar candidates Eugene McCarthy and the late Robert Kennedy refused to vote. Others voted for segregationist George Wallace. Some working-class Democrats also voted for Richard Nixon.