Vietnam: The Downward Spiral

Review Questions

The demonstrations at Kent State University in May 1970 were held to protest what event?

  1. the My Lai massacre
  2. the North Vietnamese invasion of Saigon
  3. the invasion of Cambodia by U.S. forces
  4. the signing of a peace agreement with North Vietnam



Recognizing that ongoing protests and campus violence reflected a sea change in public opinion about the war, in 1971 Nixon ________.

  1. repealed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
  2. postponed the invasion of Cambodia
  3. released the Pentagon Papers
  4. covered up the My Lai massacre



According to John Kerry, how did many U.S. soldiers treat Vietnamese civilians?


According to John Kerry’s testimony, Vietnamese civilians were often subjected to shocking violence. Soldiers raped, mutilated, shot at, and brutally murdered civilians. Troops also intentionally destroyed Vietnamese villages, well beyond the destruction typically wrought by war.