Watergate: Nixon’s Domestic Nightmare

Review Questions

The agreement Gerald Ford signed with the leader of the Soviet Union that ended the territorial issues remaining from World War II was ________.

  1. the Moscow Communiqué
  2. the Beijing Treaty
  3. the Iceland Protocol
  4. the Helsinki Accords



Of these figures, who was not indicted following the Watergate break-in and cover-up?

  1. John Mitchell
  2. Bob Woodward
  3. John Ehrlichman
  4. H.R. Haldeman



In what types of unethical and illegal activities did the White House plumbers and the “dirty tricks” squad engage?


The White House plumbers spied on Nixon’s political opponents and engineered ways to embarrass them. They attempted to locate information with which to discredit Daniel Ellsberg by stealing files from the office of his psychiatrist, and they broke into DNC headquarters in the Watergate complex with the intention of wiretapping the phones.