The Relationship Between Sound & Light

Make Connections

Performance Task

Ways of Thinking: Make Connections

Take notes about the process, strategies, and tools that your classmates used to solve the problem.


As your classmates present, ask questions such as:

  • How did you determine which variable is the dependent variable and which is the independent variable? Why do you need to know this?
  • How can you use the problem-solving process to ensure that you have a complete response?
  • Can you explain the connections between your diagram and your formula?
  • How is this problem similar to finding the number of miles away the lightning is? How is it different?
  • Why is it important to specify the unit for every quantity in your work?
  • How does knowing the time relationship between lightning and thunder help you calculate the distance of lightning?
  • Did you have any errors in your thinking? If so, what were they and how can you correct them?
  • What mathematical strategies are the most useful in solving a problem in which you are given a relationship between variables and asked to make predictions?