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Another very important festival in Spain is San Fermin in Pamplona, Spain.  San Fermin is also known as the "running of the bulls." While many people associate this festival with the madness of people running away from bulls in the street, there are many other things that go on during the week long celebration.  Using the San Fermin website take a look at the upcoming or previous "programme" of the celebration.  Pick one of the days of the celebration and answer the following questions in complete sentences, in Spanish (make sure you use the vocabulary in your padlet to  answer the questions).

1.  ¿A qué hora es el encierro de toros?

2. ¿A qué hora hay un concierto?  ¿Quién canta o toca?

3. ¿Qué evento te gustaría ir a? ¿A qué hora es?

4. ¿Qué otros eventos hay ese día?

5. ¿Puedes correr con los toros en las calles? ¿Por qué?  (Look at the pictures before you respond)