Gallery Problems Exercise

Represent a Math Problem

Work Time

Represent a Math Problem

Explore each of these math representations: a ratio table tool, a double number line tool, and a tape diagram tool.

  1. Research each type of representation and explore how to use it. Select one representation to describe to the class.
  2. Solve this problem. Represent it using a double number line or a ratio table.

    Three types of nails are for sale:

  • It costs 5¢ to buy 3 type A nails.
  • It costs 8¢ to buy 6 type B nails.
  • It costs 10¢ to buy 8 type C nails.

Which type of nails costs the least per nail?

  1. Jack says:

    “The rates are 35 for type A, 68 for type B, and 810 for type C. Type A costs the least per nail." Jack is wrong. Explain his mistake.