Compound Events & Sample Spaces

Multistage Experiments and Compound Events


Multistage Experiments and Compound Events

Discuss the following with your classmates.

A multistage experiment is an experiment in which more than one action is performed. Examples include:

  • Randomly selecting two cards from a deck
  • Tossing three coins
  • Rolling two number cubes
  • Randomly choosing four people from a larger group

Compound events are the combined results of multistage experiments. The two events are said to be independent if the occurrence of one event does not affect the outcome of the other event. Examples include:

  • Selecting two cards: draw an ace, replace the ace, and draw a jack
  • Tossing heads, tails, and heads
  • Rolling a 6 and a 3 on two number cubes
  • Choosing two tenth graders from a random selection of all the students in a high school