Comparing Sets of Data

Make Connections

Performance Task

Ways of Thinking: Make Connections

  • Take notes about the methods your classmates used to analyze the data sets and their results and conclusions.

As your classmates present, ask questions such as:

  • Did you round the numbers to whole numbers? Why or why not?
  • What is the range of data for each trial? Does the range get wider or narrower from the first trial to the third trial?
  • Where is the data clustered in your graphs? Where does the middle 50% of the data lie?
  • Why did you use that graph to represent the data?
  • Why did you use those tools to analyze the data?
  • Based on your results, can you conclude that your estimation skills improve with practice?
  • Can you generalize this conclusion to students in your grade? Why or why not?
  • Suppose that you analyzed the data from the second trial. How do you think this analysis would compare to your analyses of the first and third data sets?