Using Measures of Center & Spread To Analyze Data

Make Connections

Performance Task

Ways of Thinking: Make Connections

  • Take notes about the tools your classmates used to analyze the data sets and their results and conclusions.

As your classmates present, ask questions such as:

  • Did you round the numbers to whole numbers? Why or why not?
  • How does the range of your 50 second data set compare with the range of your 20 second data set?
  • What was your typical time for estimating 50 seconds?
  • How did you compare this time to your typical time for estimating 20 seconds?
  • How can you compare the middle 50% of the values for each data set?
  • Why did you use those measures of center to analyze the data?
  • Based on your results, what conclusion can you make about your estimation skills for longer versus shorter intervals of time?
  • Can you generalize your conclusion to all seventh grade students? Why or why not?