Gallery Problems Exercise

Golf Scores

Work Time

Golf Scores

Rosa and Chen love to play golf. Rosa’s scores for seven rounds were 105, 79, 98, 84, 75, 99, and 110. Chen’s scores were 88, 86, 90, 86, 75, 110, and 87.

Make two box plots to show the data. Be sure to use the same scale and align the same values with each other.

Compare and contrast the box plots.

  1. Which features of the two data sets are the same?
  2. Look at the interquartile range for both data sets. Use this statistic to comment on the golfing skills of Rosa and Chen.
  3. Compare the upper whiskers of both graphs. What does this information tell you?
  4. Which of the box plots is more symmetrical? What does this information tell you about the data distribution in the box plot?
  5. How do the medians, ranges, and interquartile ranges compare, and which of these statistics tell you who the better golfer is? Explain your answer.